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A great blog about what’s hot in the crypto space is


„All about cryptocurrencies and crypto education to get a better understanding of the digital coin fundamentals and opinions on the latest crypto investment ideas“

Blockchain Demo by Anders Brownworth

Very visual of how a blockchain works.

‘Oh The Times They Are A-Changin’ – The Cryptocurrency Revolution on Rockstar Consultant

Cryptocurrencies are the fastest growing asset this year and no longer something the financial world can ignore. A recent study by the London Block Exchange predicts that one in three millennials will be invested in cryptocurrency by the end of 2018.

Rock on!

Blockchain Workflow on Smarter Contracts

Banks like the mantra “blockchain good bitcoin bad”, ultimately the technology behind Bitcoin and all the other blockchain system will achieve an easy plug and play integration. When efficient workflow links up with programmable money (Bitcoin) the established walls come tumbling down. Today’s establishment did not see the bitcoin innovation coming they most likely will not see this wave either.

Not all business blockchain platforms are alike. To succeed they need to reimagine business computing on Richard Gendal Brown

It’s why I am so careful to stress that all enterprise blockchain platforms are not the same.

Blockchain: The Biggest Invention Since the Internet? on The Economics Review

This technology is also set to alter business and government operations, as it provides a cost-effective, secure way of recording transactions and storing information. It is a technology with enormous potential, and as years go by, we will see if its true value lives up to its massive hype.

How will blockchain change the world? on A Better Man

Innovators are building blockchain-based applications that serve these ends. And they are just the beginning. The interesting thing is that all this is built on faith in the system. Are you willing to take that leap?

The Blockchain on SantoLIVE

This tool guarantees to be the engine of the fourth industrial revolution and may change our lives in the not too distant future. A technology that will imply a before and after in the way of carrying out daily activities.

Blockchain – The Basics on The Tech Blog – By Robin M.

Blockchain solves the fundamental problem of all record keeping – having to trust one entity or authority (a central server) with data i.e. an institution such as a bank or a government.


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